My name is João Marinheiro & I make computers do cool stuff

About me!

Hi, I'm João Marinheiro, a software developer with an interest in game development, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. I've been interested in computers and technology in general since a very young age, which led to my choice of working with them for a living.

Learning about how games are made and how game engines work is one of my main passions as a developer. I've even coded some! You can find some examples of what I've worked on below. I'm skilled in a variety of technologies and languages, though I do tend to prefer more systems oriented languages.

I also helped organize and expand the game developer meetings in Porto and you can find me there frequently either showing something I made or just seeing what other cool stuff the community brought.

Outside of programming I dabble in art as well (mainly of the pixel variety, but not only) and I also love to read and learn about history!


Game Engine Programmer @ Fabamaq

Gameplay Programmer @ Fabamaq

Founder & Club Member @ Computer Graphics and Multimedia Student Group (NeCGM)

Master's Degree in Informatics Engineering and Computation @ FEUP

1 Semester of the Master's Degree in Visual Computing @ TU Wien


Demand-side Management in Power Grids – An Ant Colony Optimization Approach.

A Generic Agent Architecture for Cooperative Multi-Agent Games.

Towards General Cooperative Game Playing.


C# & .NET

80% Complete


80% Complete


50% Complete


50% Complete


70% Complete

MonoGame & Allegro

70% Complete


50% Complete


60% Complete


50% Complete


50% Complete

Angular & NodeJS

30% Complete

PostgreSQL & Oracle SQL & SQL Server

30% Complete


Windward Rush

A 3D multiplayer arcade air racing game inspired by classic games from the early 2000s like Freaky Flyers and Diddy Kong Racing. Players race a variety of different jets through fun environments and collect powerups to gain an edge over their opponents.

The game features singleplayer and local split-screen multiplayer at the moment, with a view to include online multiplayer in the future. It's also the first time I'm experimenting with a cartoon celshaded artsyle. Planned platforms for release are Windows and Linux, with possible console ports in the future.

Play an early demo on itch.io!

Caravel Engine

A 2D game engine built in C# on top of MonoGame. It is meant to be an easy to use code first game engine.

Its features include an entity-component system, integrated physics engine, lua scripting, scene loading, nested prefabs, a fully featured level editor, a robust event system and several prebuilt game components to make it easy to get a game up and running.

Fork it on GitHub.

2D Platform Fighter Game

A 2D platform fighter game similar to Super Smash Bros made in Caravel as a testbench for engine features and scalability.

In addition to the gameplay and engine programming, all of the art and animations are also made by myself.

3D OpenGL Renderer

Project made for a Real-time Rendering course. It's a C++ OpenGL renderer that supports features like model loading and displaying, realtime shadows, bump mapping and post-process effects like bloom and HDR.

I Hear You

A local multiplayer asymmetrical game about echolocation that I worked on for the Global Game Jam where the theme was 'Waves'. The idea was to provide completely different experiences to the two players, the human and the monster.

The human must guide himself through a dungeon and retrieve the monster's egg using only limited echolocation vision while the monster tries to hunt the player using only the sound. The screen is always focused on the human, but only the monster has audio.

'I Hear You' won the award for innovation and creativity at the local GGJ site where it was created.

Check out the game on GameJolt!


A game made in Unity in 32 hours for the Retro Gamejam 2020 where the theme was space.

The game attempts to sensitize people to the possible future problem of space trash and how it can hinder space exploration.

Check it out on itch.io!

OpenGL Particle System

A particle system made in OpenGL for a custom C++ game engine.

It supports tens of thousands of animated particles with changing colors, scales, attractors, repulsors, and several other customization options.

Battle For Orethia

One of my earliest projects, a 2D strategy game built in C++ with Allegro. It is inspired by games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, and set in a Napoleonic Wars fantasy world.

I never ended up finishing it but I was quite happy with how the art and gameplay came out, and I learned a lot about game engine development while working on it.

As with the Platform Fighter game, all of the art and animations were made by me.

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